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Our mission is to provide customers with the best quality service. Provide unparalleled customer satisfaction by providing excellent service, thereby establishing long-term customer relationships.

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At Fortune Enterprise, we are always committed to earn the trust of our customers through honesty, integrity, and respect. These core values ​​maximize our ability to help customers achieve their goals safely.

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We understand that one of the main concerns, especially for first-time buyers, is the question of authenticity and provenance. At Antique Dark, we take these concerns seriously. Our pieces come from trusted dealers and collectors. Every piece is checked for age, condition, and authenticity. If necessary, we can also obtain an expert opinion. We are proud of establishing good business relationships with our valued customers and making our exclusive services satisfy customers. Our experience in understanding customer needs and comparing them to their multitude of superior products gives us a comprehensive head start in the market.

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Construction & Real Estate

Gone are the days when people dealt with real estate matters based on word of mouth or nearby vendors. Globalization and the fast paced lifestyle have encouraged the real estate industry. The Fortune Enterprise addresses all aspects of consumer needs in the real estate industry. It is a platform where buyers can exchange property information quickly, effectively, and inexpensively. We are a confident pair of hands that will guide you through navigating complex building codes and regulations while remaining open and transparent. We aim at meeting your specific requirements of properties or the prospective clients for your property by providing you services with some unique /effective features. We pride ourselves on working with you as a true construction partner.


Those were the best of times. When existence cruised leisurely through on phaetons, and ladies and men graced ballroom flooring with minuets and waltzes. When cash in no way screamed or shouted, however, spoke in hushed muted tones. Those have been days of beauty and gracefulness. Now, you may relive the beauty of it all, with the maximum splendid duration furnishings ever. Complemented other Collectibles that sing the glory of elegance in the highest. customer satisfaction is as important as their products and services, have helped this establishment garner a vast base of customers, which continues to grow by the day. What’s more, you can do it all under one roof-at Antique Dark. Come, look, browse, buy and expand the frontiers of your good taste.

Import/Export of Precious Items

Searching for a company that is into Import and Export? Bringing your search to an end, Antique Dark, a company that is engaged in the importing and exporting of goods or commodities. Import implies bringing products or services into a country for sale that have been made elsewhere. Exporting implies promoting services or products from a country to another. We make sure that we integrate its technological benefits in technology management and quality, evolved via experience, funding in new production techniques, and modern layout technology. The main goal is to ensure that buyers are getting the best products by the fairest means. We are a customer-oriented company and we strive to provide maximum satisfaction to our valued customers.


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